Airbnb – For Classy Travlers on a Budget

I heard about this service from Australian siblings while I was vacationing for a few days in Manhattan. Standing bravely in the middle of a rocking boat transporting us to The Statue of Liberty, we got to talking about where we were from and where we have traveled. They had found a place in Manhattan for $75 a night for an extra room in an upscale apartment right in the heart of the city. Anyone who knows anything about accommodation prices for Manhattan, $75 is an outrageous steal!

For those travelers wanting to spend a little bit less on accommodation, but want the comfort of staying in a place that feels like home, (or experience something a bit more upscale) Airbnb is a fast growing company for just that; building and maintaining a user base of travelers and of people who graciously open up their homes. Airbnb is perfect for a frequent business traveler who may be tired of lonely hotel stays, or for young professionals wanting to travel to someplace new for their first vacation. Rooms and sometimes entire residences may be available for short term stays.

Check it out!


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