An encounter with the 1940’s (Writing Prompt #2)

An encounter with the 1940’s.

It was the first time for me too, watching

bombers fly overhead in stunt formation,

their pin-up women – innocently sheer lace and meticulous curls –

almost visible through the scope of my camera lens.

The day was all glamor and venture,

bringing enthusiasts and misanthropes together,

intoxicating them with antiques and vintage fatigues –

Axis and Allies; somber symbols of greatness.

Great honor and great sadness,

great interest and curiosity as the food raised our blood sugar

and drink calmed nerves (yours more so than mine) –

a wartime soldier and nurse,

meeting expectantly to pursue

a war that knows no enemy,

only the tests of time, to conquer it with

the ambition that sees no end of time.


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