I’m Versatile!

Melissa! Thank you! Thank you for being a regular follower of my blog, which I’m sure isn’t that easy considering how I don’t post that often — something I’m working to change — but, I appreciate your support and I feel honored, writer to writer.

So, everyone, here is a link to her blog. She is a sign language interpreter as well as being a mom and a writer. How cool is that?!


VBA rules stipulate that I must tell Melissa seven things about myself…

1) Most of what I eat is largely dictated by the texture and not the taste. I don’t like marshmallows because they feel funny inside my mouth, and I don’t like Chinese green bean cakes for the same reason.

2) I like to take pretty pictures and I would like to start selling my photography, but I have no idea where to begin — maybe a coffee table book would be nice…take a page out of my great-uncle’s book. There is the OC Fair that’s coming up though…

3) I’m obsessed with abandoned cities and buildings.

4) I wanted to be a CSI when I was younger. Part of me still does. If I had a way to be a CSI and teach college writing classes at the same time I would do it.

5) I’ve owned a computer since the age of 3, or since 1990.

6) When I visited London for the first time, I was most excited about being able to legally drink and taking a Jack the Ripper tour.

7) Also on the same trip, I dined in the building where the first documented case of the bubonic plague was recorded.

VBA rules also say that I must nominate at least 15 other blogs. (I have 11. I’m trying to read more blogs, I swear!) Here are the ones that I frequent the most and that are so freakin’ awesome:




http://jackflacco.com/about-jack/    <— Awesome zombie artwork.



http://anilbalan.com/about/    <—– Blog posts about ghost cities and everything ghostly related! Boo!


http://terribleminds.com/ramble/     <—- I’ve bought his books. He’s THAT good.


http://laurensapala.com/?page_id=5     <—– I can relate to her.


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