The Issue With Banning Books in Schools

This is a post I made on Chapman Calliope’s blog back in August. Calliope is a student-run, on-campus art and literary magazine.

Calliope Art & Literary Magazine

If you have seen the film “Donnie Darko,” you know the scene where Kitty Farmer stands up in front of the PTA, decrying Graham Greene’s novel The Destructors as trash. She wants it removed from the classroom, in an ‘I’m going to throw a temper-tantrum until I get what I want’ sort of way. Rose Darko retorts from the audience, “The PTA doesn’t ban books,” and Miss Pomeroy, the teacher who is using the book as part of the curriculum in her English class chimes in, “It’s meant to be ironic.” Kitty gets the last word in: “Excuse me — you need to go back to grad school.” The most important part of this scene happens when the principal opens the topic up for discussion. Later, we see Miss Pomeroy putting the remainder of her belongings from her classroom in a box and leaving school grounds; she has been fired.

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