Sci-fi, horror, and crime writer.

Obsessed with crime scene investigation, cyberpunk, and all things vintage, dystopian, and apocalyptic. And Star Trek. Especially Star Trek.

HR & Office Manager / Teacher by day.

Video game journalist / fiction editor / fun-time photographer / writing mentor by night/weekend.

MFA Creative Writing graduate from Chapman University.

Cover art: nNicksonN


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your bio. I can say from my experience as an emergency dispatcher that there are a lot of curious types in all of the fields: CSI, LEO, EMS, FD, & Dispatch. They are all jobs based on heavy training to wait for something to happen, there is a lot of down time and then there is the action, which is all trained response mixed with flying by the seat of your pants, there is no goal attainment – it’s very base and a good match for creative types. If you already have the criminology degree go for CSI, if you have don’t go for dispatch. It is sedentary, but you experience the being in a pressure cooker with a lot of people that become your family and you hear everything… things you’d never imagine. In any emergency field spaces will grow between you and your emotions. You will become very much like Sherlock, very rarely seeing the humanity of the dead, just seeing the puzzle.

    1. Hi Joanna! Thanks for the comment! How long have you been a Emergency Dispatcher?

      My boyfriend is in the process of trying to become one, and he is a creative type too — Musician. I have wanted to be a CSI for a very long time, (before I started writing or even knew I could write) but got discouraged in high school because I wasn’t very good at chemistry and thought that I needed to be good at it in order to be a CSI. I only recently discovered that isn’t the case, so my interest is back in in full force. πŸ™‚

      I do not have a degree in criminal justice or the like, but I’m hoping my 9 years of photography experience will help me get an internship at a lab where I live. Criminal Justice classes are so hard to get into. By the time I register, there are already 10 people on the wait-list. 😦

  2. Hey there!
    So for the past few days\weeks, I’ve grown to like this blog quite a lot. The things you write here make for quality bloggin’! Recently we’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award and what better way to pay you back then to nominate you in turn? Details if you’re interested here:

    It’s a little time consuming but fun nonetheless. Whether you choose to accept or not, I think I’ll come back here regularly. Keep up the great blog and see you ’round!

    1. I so accept! Thank you, that means I lot to me. You know, we always write for ourselves, but we always wonder who is reading and who actually enjoys what they read.

      Again, thank you!

  3. Welcome for the nomination and thank you for accepting! As for the rest of your comment, it got me thinking….
    …. What do I write for?
    Anyway, thanks again for accepting and I guess for all round being a cool blogger.
    BTW, wadaya play? (Steam)

      1. On PC, mostly Total War franchise as well as some free to play (Spiral Knights mostly). I’ve got Skyrim on 360 though, and I was thinking of getting Borderlands 2 for cheap. Pretty awesome to meet girls that have a go at games other than Peach’s adventure and the like. I wish games were more mainstream, and targeted a more unisexual (probs not the correct term) audience. That being said, I’ve already gotten my arse handed to me on CoD by a girl.
        I don’t have access to ma PC right now (this is a tablet) but my name is Dragon’s Fire I think…

      2. Get Borderlands 2! Also, WTF is Peach’s Adventure? Now, I DO play Sims 3, but mostly to recreate houses from movies. I’m working on a Clue mansion at the moment. Also, it’s fun to torture sims. πŸ˜€

  4. With hindsight, Borderlands is gonna give way to Destiny (Bungie). Peache’s adventure is a nintendo title that kinda destroyed the company’s rather high stack of brownie points on being relatively asexual in terms of target audience. I actually never played the Sims… except for Sim City. The new one actually looks kinda nice…
    PS: Sorry for waiting ONE MONTH before replying. I wasn’t quite sure what to write and kept postponing it….

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